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Bergeon Hand Wire Brush

A brush with four rows of curled steel wire bristles and a wooden handle.

Length: 170mm | Brush: 73mm | Bristles: 4 Rows

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B-1130-15 Bergeon Hand Wire Brush

Bergeon Buffs and Buff Protectors

B-1282-D - Leather Buff Stick

Leather Buffs. Colour: white. Width: 6mm.


B-4056-06 - Buffs protector In plexiglass

Buffs protector In plexiglass. Leather Buff Stick Protector for B-1282-D. Width: 6mm.

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B-1282-D Leather Buff Stick
B-4056-06 Buff Protector in plexiglass for B-1282-D
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B-1568 Shellac Stick - 18.5cm

Bergeon Pithwood Logs

Bergeon elder pithwood logs. Useful for cleaning tools, and other uses.

Especially handy to help you remember which order screws were removed from a watch case, or other screw-fastened objects.

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B-1586-S Bergeon Pithwood Logs - Natural Elder Pith

Bergeon Bushing Tool

Bergeon Bushing Tool. Individual bushes also available, sold in kits or individually. The complete set contains 10 reamers, 5 pivot cutters, 2 centering stakes, 1 centering bit, 4 drilled stakes, 1 un-drilled stake, 2 chamfering tools, 3 driving punches, and 1 Jacob's chuck.

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B-16200 Bergeon Bushing Tool
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B-1639-1 Bergeon Wooden Case / Aluminium boxes

1m Bergeon Plastic Transmission Belt

Bergeon plastic transmission belt. Diameter 4.0mm, legnth 1m.

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B-1680-RD-4 1m Plastic Transmission Belt

Assortment of 12 Bergeon Broaches

B-1896-A : Assortment of 12 Bergeon CUTTING broaches.

B-1896-B : Assortment of 12 Bergeon SMOOTHING broaches.

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B-1896-A Assortment of 12 Cutting Broaches
B-1896-B Assortment of 12 Smoothing Broaches

Set of 6 Bergeon Countersinks

Set of six double-ended rollers for polishing watch jewel settings. Set includes twelve different roller diameters: 1.80/2.10, 2.50/2.80, 3.00/3.30, 3.50/3.80, 4.00/4.30 and 4.50/5.00. Swiss made.

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B-1897 Set of 6 Countersinks

Bergeon Cutting Broaches

5 sided cutting broaches. Broaches of excellent quality with regular taper and very sharp flutes.

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B-1962-36-001 Cutting Broaches