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Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-511008 MicroScope (10-30x and 20-40x magnification)

Horotec Diamond Loupe 10x 18mm

Horotec diamond loupe 10x magnification, 18mm width.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
MSA 00.303 Diamond Loupe 10x - 18mm

Eye Loupe Triplet 10x (18mm)

Eye Loupe Triplet 10x (18mm).

Comes complete in a carry pouch.

Stock # Item Colour Price Order QTY
T-153 Black Black Eye Loupe Triplet 10x (18mm) Black
T-153 Chrome Chrome Eye Loupe Triplet 10x (18mm) Chrome
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-1215 Loupe 21mm with LED Light Black

Eye Glass

Eye glasses available in various magnifications. Ranges from x2 to x7

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-8043A Eye Glass No.1 - x10 Magnification
T-8043B Eye Glass No.1.5 - x7 Magnification
T-8043C Eye Glass No.2 - x5 Magnification
T-8043D Eye Glass No.2.5 - x4 Magnification
T-8043E Eye Glass No.3 - 3.3 Magnification
T-8043F Eye Glass No.3.5 - x3 Magnification
T-8043G Eye Glass No.4 - x2.5 Magnification
T-8043H Eye Glass No.4.5 - x2 Magnification

Eye Glass Double Lens 10X

A great strong eye glass that is easy to wear. The double lens make it great for working with small parts such as hair springs. It helps eleminate glare due to the black colour.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-140-10 Double Lens Eye Glass - 10x Magnification
T-140-12 Double Lens Eye Glass - 12x Magnification
T-140-14 Double Lens Eye Glass - 14x Magnification
T-140-15 Double Lens Eye Glass - 15x Magnification

Eyeglass Spectacles

This eye glass is able to be attached to your spectacle frames, making it especially valuable to those who require them for short range vision. Available in three magnification strengths.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-140D-1 Eye Glass for Spectacles No.1 (x10)
T-140D-2 1/2 Eyeglass for Spectacles No.2.5 (x4)
T-140D-3 1/2 Eyeglass for Spectacles No.3.5 (x3)

OptiVISOR Binoculars

OptiVISOR Binocular 3.5 X and 2.5 X. Head-mounted binocular sets, for when you need both hands free to do your work. Various magnifaction plates also available.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
MSA 00.250-03 OptiVISOR Head Binocular 1.75x
MSA 00.250-05 OptiVISOR Head Binocular 2.5x
MSA 00.250-10 OptiVISOR Head Binocular 3.5x

Double Lens 2.5x For Optivisor

Double lens 2.5x for Optivisor binocular sets. Provides a little extra magnification when placed in front of the magnification plate on your head visor.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
MSA 00.252 Auxiliary Optivision Head Band Magnifier Lens

OptiVISOR Binocular Lens Plates

OptiVISOR binocular lens-plates 1.0x, 1.75x. 2.0x, 2.75x. Interchangeable magnification plate for the OptiVISOR head-mounted magnifier.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
MSA 00.251-02 Bi Lens Plate OptiVISOR 1.5x
MSA 00.251-03 Bi Lens Plate OptiVISOR 1.75x
MSA 00.251-04 Bi Lens Plate OptiVISOR 2x
MSA 00.251-07 Bi Lens Plate OptiVISOR 2.75x