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Enamel Kit in Wooden Box

14 bottles (20ml) in different colours. Includes applicator and a set of scales. The lid of the wooden box opens and a drawer slides out at the bottom. Instructions included.

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T-1111 Enamel Kit in Wooden Box

U-NAMEL® Enamel UV Application System


  • Cures in 1-2 minutes
  • Scratch & wear resistant
  • Does not chip, flake, peel or shrink
  • Easy to drill, grind, polish, carve & sand
  • Can be turned at high speed
  • Easy to mix, colors won't fade
  • Can be inlaid into metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, enamel or U-namel
  • Adheres to flat surfaces
  • Can be layered to produce cabochons
  • Non-hazardous, can be shipped via air

Kits include a 9 LED UV light with a range of colours.

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T-EZ2000 U-NAMELⓇ CLEAR 10ml Squeeze Bottle
T-EZ2010 U-NAMELⓇ BLACK 10ml Squeeze Bottle
T-EZ2020 U-NAMELⓇ BLUE 10ml Squeeze Bottle
T-EZ2030 U-NAMELⓇ GREEN 10ml Squeeze Bottle
T-EZ2050 U-NAMELⓇ WHITE 10ml Squeeze Bottle
T-EZ2060 U-NAMELⓇ YELLOW 10ml Squeeze Bottle
T-EZ2070 U-NAMELⓇ RED 10ml Squeeze Bottle
T-EZ2093 U-NAMEL Starter Kit
T-EZ2095 U-NAMEL Intermediate Kit
T-EZ2097 U-NAMEL Premier Kit

UHU Quick-Set Epoxy

A quick-setting two-part adhesive. Mix the two parts thoroughly at a 1:1 ratio to create a quick-setting epoxy.

Dries clear in five minutes. Make sure to apply to a dry, clean, oil and grease-free surface, which has been roughened to aid adhesion.

Please allow approximately 20 minutes before handling glued objects, and 12 hours for full bonding strength.

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T-UHU33-37555 UHU Quick-Set 2pk Epoxy Glue

UHU Strong & Safe 7mL

UHU super strong and Safe Adhesive. Suitable for virtually all watch repairs on ceramic, plastic, metal, leather and rubber.

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T-UHU33-39710 UHU Strong & Safe 7ml
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T-UHU33-37550 UHU 2 Part Epoxy Ultra Strong

36W UV Glue Curing Lamp

36W UV Glue Curing Lamp. Used for curing glues and other substances which require UV light to set correctly.

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T-UVbulb UV Lamp Bulb
T-UVlamp 36W UV Glue Curing Lamp

Labanda UV Glue

Used for bonding glass and metal. White light/UV curable nano-adhesive. Available in low and medium viscosity.

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T-LabGlueL Labanda Low Viscosity Glue
T-LabGlueM Labanda Medium Viscosity Glue

Seiko UV Glass Glue

Seiko UV glue is an adhesive developed for bonding watch glasses and watch cases together. It is very strong and will last for years. Mainly used on water resistant watches.

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T-S314 Seiko UV Glass Glue

Super UV Glue

Glass Adhesive. May be handled 10 minutes after application, following outdoor UV exposure. Remains clear after cure, does not discolor. Water-resistant. Service temperature range from -40 degrees Celcius to 65 degrees Celcius.

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T-970N Super UV Glue

Resibond Clear Sealant

Resibond clear sealant, 10 grams. Used for bonding glass to metal. Extremely useful when fitting glasses to watches, especially whhen a waterproof seal is required. One hour is needed for full setting. Rated to 200 degrees celcius.

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T-1285A Resibond Clear Sealant 10 grams