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Stock # Item Colour Price Order QTY
B-2611-TN-1.5 Watchmakers Loupe with Hole 6.7x Black
B-2611-TN-2 Watchmakers Loupe with Hole 5x Black
B-2611-TN-2.5 Watchmakers Loupe with Hole 4x Black
B-2611-TN-3 Watchmakers Loupe with Hole 3.3x Black
B-2611-TN-3.5 Watchmakers Loupe with Hole 2.8x Black
B-2611-TN-4 Watchmakers Loupe with Hole 2.5x Black

Horotec Eye Glasses

The most common eye glass on the market. Great to wear and Swiss-made. High quality eye-loupe that comes in a variety of magnifications.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
MSA 00.009-1.5 Eye Glass No 1.5
MSA 00.009-2.5 Eye Glass No 2.5
MSA 00.009-3.5 Eye Glass No 3.5

Horotec Eye Glasses- Swiss

Horotec Swiss-made eyeglass. available in multiple magnifications.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
MSA 00.002-1 Swiss Eye Glass 10x
MSA 00.002-2 Swiss Eye Glass 5x
MSA 00.002-2.5 Swiss Eye Glass 2.5x
MSA 00.002-3 Swiss Eye Glass 4.25x
MSA 00.002-3.5 Swiss Eye Glass w/Ring 3.5x
MSA 00.002-4 Swiss Eye Glass 3.5x

Horotec Eye Glass 10X

Horotec Eye Glass 10x magnification

5x + 2x lenses, Swiss-Made aplanatic eye glass, produces a very clear magnification at close distance.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
MSA 00.004-10X Horotec Eye Glass 10x

AF Eye Glasses

AF Eye Glasses available in 10x (green), 5x (yellow), and 3.5x (red).

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
AF176.158.10 AF Eye Loupe - 10x (Green)
AF176.158.20 AF Eye Loupe - 5x (Yellow)
AF176.158.30 AF Eye Loupe - 3.5x (Red)
Stock # Item Size Price Order QTY
T-1509A No.1 Eye Glass with Silver Anodised Ring No.1 - x10
T-1509C No.2 Eye Glass with Silver Anodised Ring No.2 - x5
T-1509D No.2.5 Eye Glass with Silver Anodised Ring No.2.5 - x4

Eye Glass

Eye glasses available in various magnifications. Ranges from x2 to x7

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-8043A Eye Glass No.1 - x10 Magnification
T-8043B Eye Glass No.1.5 - x7 Magnification
T-8043C Eye Glass No.2 - x5 Magnification
T-8043D Eye Glass No.2.5 - x4 Magnification
T-8043E Eye Glass No.3 - 3.3 Magnification
T-8043F Eye Glass No.3.5 - x3 Magnification
T-8043G Eye Glass No.4 - x2.5 Magnification
T-8043H Eye Glass No.4.5 - x2 Magnification

Eye Glass - Aluminium

Eye glasses made of aluminium. Sturdy and compact design which helps you to focus on finer details as you work.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-138-1" 10x Eye Glass Aluminium 1" (10x)
T-138-1.5" 7x Eye Glass Aluminium 1.5" (7x)
T-138-2" 5x Eye Glass Aluminium 2" (5x)
T-138-2.5" 4x Eye Glass Aluminium 2.5" (4x)
T-138-3" 3.3x Eye Glass Aluminium 3" (3.3x)
T-138-3.5" 3x Eye Glass Aluminium 3.5" (3x)
T-138-4" 2.5x Eye Glass Aluminium 4" (2.5x)

Set x 4 Aluminium Eye Glasses

Blue (2.5x), Green (7.5x), Red (5x), Yellow (10x)

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-1866 Set x 4 Aluminium Eye glasses, Blue (2.5x), Green (7.5x), Red (5x), Yellow (10x)

Eye Glass 3.5

Standard fixed eye glass with 3.5x magnification.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-933C Eye Glass 3.5x