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Bergeon Water Pressure Tester

Apparatus for testing the water resistance of watch cases Air pressure system.

The advantages offered by this pressure apparatus are due to the fact that a watch can be rested under normal conditions of wear.

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B-5555/98 Bergeon Water Pressure Tester
B-5555/98-ASS Set of 8 Gaskets for Waterproof Tester
B-5555/98-TP Plexi-Cylinder for Pressure Tester 5555/98

Transformation Kit For 5555/98

BergeonSet includes: plexiglass cylinder (62mm inside diameter), base with o-rings, rod and hook assembly to hold the watch, cover with o-rings and tightening knobs.

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B-5555-SET-98 Transformation Kit For 5555/98

Rod with Hook

Replacement rod with hook for suspending watches inside the Bergeon 5555/98 waterproof tester. Supports up to two watches simultaneously.

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B-5555-TC Rod with Hook for Bergeon Waterproof Tester

Water Resistant Tester 0-12ATM

Tested to 10bar.

New apparatus for testing the water resistance of watch cases. Air pressure system. 

Contains removable cylinder for draining, connector for compressor or pump, manual pressure from 0 to 10 atmospheres, hook for synthetic matter watch.

  • Control Capacity: 0-11 atm. (security at 11 atm)
  • Built from aluminium cast iron. Strong, very stable. 
  • Cylinder Ø: 70mm. Volume capacity: 2 watches. 
  • Dimensions: 275 x 167.5 x 390 mm.
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B-5555/10 Water Waterproof Tester - Tested to 10bar
B-5555/10-ASS Wrapper with 8 Gaskets for B-5555/10 Tester

Elma Leak Controller 2000

The Elma Leak Controller 2000 is used for water resistance testing of wristwatches and small clocks by clock manufacturers and watchmakers. The easy operation guarantees that trainees can make a reliable test after changing the battery and the professional watchmaker has a reliable and maintenance-free tester for his workshop.

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EL-35300 ELMA Leak Controller 2000
EL-5802200 Vacu-Proof Sealing Liquid
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EL-5802200 Vacu-Proof Sealing Liquid
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T-909S Calypso Swiss Waterproof Tester
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T-909CN Waterproof Tester
T-909CN-SEAL Replacement Seal Kit for T-909CN
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T-909CN-Cylinder Replacement Cylinder for T-909CN